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74 Minutes
July 25, 2009

*****************Now, this part one of a two parter, so the text will be the same for both. This one stops at the end of our schoolgirl smothering and shaming the pervert teacher. So many categories, so little time. Forced ass worship, forced cocksucking with dildo from Princess Chloe, fabulous facesitting and smothering, designer panties on slut boys face, grabbing and "counting to ten" in rhythm as she slaps his tidy whitey and we are just getting started. Verbal shame abounds. Next, some skirt peeping. And does this tattoo girl go to town. Facesitting, front and rear, penis humiliation, forced worship, nude mixed wrestling. Then, she forces him to climax into a plastic cup. She mixes us a "sloe jizz fizz" with pink dildo as swizzle stick and makes him drink it. A sleeper hold finishes him. Next, a throwback mixed match from the 70's. Pro style. And silent. She beats the snot out of him and we even have him tapping with some red vino at the end. Next, some black and white dandies. Scissored and smothered by a barefooted schoolgirl, followed up by her mom catching a panty thief and punishing him accordingly. Eventually, mum ends up in the buff. Lots of scissoring, smothering, forward and reverse facesitting in these two. Sound is a bit tinny here, due to the age of the piece. Finally, a tough, teen intern works over her pig male boss, first in her skirt and top, then in her matching white bra and panties. More scissoring, forward and reverse facesitting, sgp, its all here in this monster fest. We have sgp, smothering, forced ass worship, forward & reverse facsitting, vintage, pro mixed wrestling, mixed beatdowns, cbt, ballbusting, vino, dildo, forced bi, forced cocksucking, cum drinking, forced cum swallowing, maryjanes, peeking, upskirts, perving, voyeur, punching, kicking, stomping, hairpulling, beard pulling, roleplaying, ageplay, underwear, bra & panties, bare feet, forced masturbation, orgasm, knicker sniffing, femme domme, flying mares, bikini, swimsuit, wrestling boots, Casey Carr, Princess War Cloud, boot & shoe worship, extreme close-ups, crotch shots, panty shots, nude mixed wrestling, schoolgirl pin, facesit pin, ball slapping, ball grabbing, and many others related but you get the drift. ********************AND DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THE LENGTH OF THESE OFFERINGS AND THE SUPER PRICING TOO. WE'LL GIVE YOU STIMULUS SMUT THAT YOU WON'T SOON FORGET.*****************Also, a word about images. These images are not necessarily contained in the movie itself. Rather, they are representative of the categories portrayed and the description of the piece above.

F/m Shame CBT & Wrestling 1

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