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67 Minutes
July 29, 2009

**************OH, AND DO CHECK OUT THE HUMAN CHAIR BOWLING. WE QUED IT UP JUST FOR YOU RIGHT HERE. TEXT DESCRIPTION---It wouldn't be written if it were not 100% accurate. This is the prize of every female wrestling collector, devotee, fan and wanker boys and girls. All four of these girls are perfect 10's. All four of these Japanese girls could grace the cover of any magazine, anytime, anywhere and in any country. They may look like prom queens, but wait until you see them batter, kick, stomp, slam and generally brutalize each other. Inside and outside the ring. Now, one special treat with the Asian girls is the way they howl and just scream at the top of their lungs, from start to finish. Alas, that amazing element is not present in this one, but those who know non-stop action in this niche, know of what we speak. However, as more matches arrive, hopefully the incredible, tribal and primal howling of these hotties, shall be showcased for you here. (In these instances, the asian commentator is just too loud and talks over the shrieks, ruins the fantasy. But more subdued play-by-play is on the way and the girls screaming shall be included for you.) Side suplexes abound and every lateral press is a sexy, body to body cover. This is circa, early 1980's, BTW. Two tombstone piledrivers are administered with precision. Both teams are a well-oiled train wreck-----double-teaming, cheating, breaking counts, choking, etc., quick tags, super bridging and arching as they suplex into the bridge and pin attempts. Several of those. Some nice close-ups of the girls fannies and crotches too, albeit it quick. Sadly, one team, did not show bare legs and thighs, detracting from their innocent appeal. They wrestle in these ridiculous clown pants and look like they just came over from the circus tent next door. Half a loaf is better than no loaf. But four feminine, model-type, perfect tens, you shall not ever see again in one ring at one time for this type of match. And hairpulling!!!!!!!!!! Up by the hair, hair mares, flying hair spin slams---its amazing nothing was left on the mat or floor. Round and round, getting dizzy, by the hair. A great figure 4 leg lock too. Now, what would an Asian girl, free for all be, without some "human chair bowling?" Yep, outside the ring they all go and watch what happens next. Even a scoop slam right down to the floor. And, a great post-match flare-up between the two losing girls. On the mic they go and exchange a couple vicious bitchslaps. Element for element, keyword for keyword and niche for niche, this has to be the best tag match to ever come down the pike. The pleasure and ultimate opinion is all yours. Close it out with a sea cow match. Two healthy girls, wrestling in some barn arena. As indy girl wrestling troupes are now being committed to the archives, we find them and get them to showcase all forms of lady wrestling. And this one has the sound intact. If that title doesn't get your attention, the cold ones have made you comatose. There was a unique theater in the circa 80's days of this ilk. Notice the very pretty, feminine girls, including the mixed race Caldean girl, then notice the very butch, no boobs, "girl boys," or even "boy girls." About 90% of the bouts are match-ups like this. Sooooo......depending on one's consumption of psychotropic chewables, let the games begin, with either sex. Introducing the "half pants." Not really arousing, but hey, one bare leg, one leg with a sock over it, party on. This Caldean girl is really a piece of work. Easily, the biggest and strongest of the sixtet, her calling card is the head butt. Several head butts, and in succession. She just glares and gloats at the boys when she hammers her skull into them. Now, a refreshing treat--another rarity, from the old school---raking the eyes with the boot laces, repeatedly. Double-handed eye rakes and dragging the forehead across the top rope, truly moves that the eye candy girls of today haven't a clue about. How about the cutie in the legit swimsuit----Four successive standing dropkicks---flush into the chest and solar plexes. Three tombstone piledrivers. Two standing dropkicks, flying off the top rope. What time is it now???-- Its "chair bowling" time. Outside they all go, six of them like runaway bulls brawling in the aisles, into the chairs. And one of the girls gets nailed with the metal retaining barrier. But the star of this contest is the big, busty Caldean. She applies another relic hold---the face claw and then rips it into an eye rake. Flexing lateral presses and bridge ups. And for you lift and carry fans, the Caldean takes one of the "boys" and hoists him above her head. Then, the Caldean dishes out two monster power bombs as the girl bounces off the canvas. Batista would be proud. The boys try for a monster suplex off the top buckle, our swimsuit girl collapses it and falls on top of "him" for the pinfall. This is another masterpiece from the Orient. TEXT---Why not??? This is one of the subliminally hottest and most erotic, action-packed bouts we have ever stashed. Both girls are barely legal, 18 & 19 year olds, and one of them is another Caldean. Both girls wear tight, one-piece swimsuits and white wrestling boots. This is truly a pro-am style match with no dirty tricks whatsoever. The frequent pull up by the hair for the next move, but that is apparently legal in this genre. Bunches and bunches of lateral covers, chest to chest and every one of them has the top girl reaching into the crotch for more leverage. This is totally hot as they come in nice and close. Each scoop slam has the hand or forearm deep into the crotch to lift. Many crotch cradles as well. This is a great, technical, down on the mat event. Flying drop kicks all over the place. At one point, five in a row. A Boston Crab but always keep your eyes peeled for the hands and arms into the crotches. This is the erotic type of rough housing the ladies should love. Only the viewer can be the judge of that. They even shake hands to a wonderful ovation after the match. That's only part one. This is truly David(a) vs. Goliath(a). This "soft as straw" bottle blonde had to be a former shot putter or discus thrower. Her raw and brute power is unmatched and she uses humans as her barbells and dumbells, dumb being the operative word here. This poor butch girl never knew what hit her. It was like a workout in the gym and amazon blonde didn't even bust a sweat. Giant, held, vertical suplexes, bear hugs, tests of strength, tossing the girl just like releasing the hammer throw in track and field. Although not textbook, watch how she executes a few military and overhead presses. Now, Shortie here, gives a game effort. After a giant kneebreaker bounces her out of the ring, she springboards back in and tries a cover. Tossed to the other side of the ring, she vainly attempts to apply various forms of the abdominal stretch. Like trying to wrap your body around a video game console. Failed victory rolls and a sunset flip increases her frustration and sets her up for the final demise. A super giant suplex, held very nicely-----and watch for the hand into the crotch for balance----and into the finale---a one-handed, suspended Hangman submission hold. Tons of fun for you, but Shortie better keep her day job. Oh, but more to cum--a Japanese, all girl, lumberjack match---Also starring in supporting roles---one block of wood, one kendo stick and one silver gas can. This had the whole joint ready to riot. What we have here is a huge, strong, vicious, obnoxious bbw, painted up like a "color by numbers" eye chart. We'll call her opponent "Butchie" and she/he is not a small person by any means. However, next to a cigarette machine with a head on it, she resembles a Pezz Dispenser. Now, this is not your generic lumberjack match. These girls take an active role in double teaming, brawling and beating with the objects. At first glance, this resembles a royal rumble royale. Wait until you see what happens when Goth Punkette collects one, then two of the "lumberettes" with a lamp post clothes line. This BBW is totally impervious to kicks, stomps, or smashes delivered by the other girls. Butchie gives a valiant performance---sunset flipping and even getting this monster off the floor for a giant suplex. She even bridges out after getting a piledriver. And, she gives as good as she gets with one of her own. When the Goth misses crowning her with the hi-test can, Butchie delivers her idea of "Sweet Chin Music" and almost pulls the upset. Alas, a flying giant splash does her in. And this sea cow drops on top of her repeatedly, just like the mighty oak being felled with a Homelite. And can she ever use that Kendo stick. You'll have to watch to find out how and how often. Prison riots don't get this good. Gracious in victory, our BBW goth salutes the fans with a middle index finger tribute. May have had to censor that.

Sexy Vicious Brutal Pro Asian Girls

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